two minute portrait: Michael Patrick Thornton

today’s two minute portrait is of Michael Patrick Thornton.  Michael is the co-founder and artistic director of The Gift Theatre, Chicago.  Michael also teaches at Columbia College, Second City, The School at Steppenwolf— and plays Dr. Gabriel Fife on ABC’s “Private Practice.”  (and Michael just got cast as FDR in Lifetime’s “F.D.R.: Democracy Rolls On”. Savannah shoot starts in May!)

this past Monday I did some press photos for The Gift Theatre for their show that’s just up and running, “Absolute Hell.”   here’s that post which has a little about the theatre, some links to their reviews– and some info about the shoot.

I love people.  I meet so many awesome people, Michael being one of the latest.  it’s so often that I want to say to someone just met– hey I’ve got my camera right here, let’s do a quick portrait!  even after one of those utterly unexpected, phantasmal, and day brightening connections with someone I happen to start talking to while standing in line at the bakery.  but, it’s not always easy— even for me— to just ask.  the good thing is– when you’re already working with the camera, it’s less of a, what-the-heck-did-you-just-ask-me?  so— I’ve started— the two minute portrait series.  because it makes sense.  it’s not just a random thing— but a wonderfully short and intense project with whomever is game to work with me.  just for fun.

encouraged by the happy atmosphere after the show on Monday night— and Michael’s hail-fellow-well-met smile— I thought I’d ask to do his portrait.  huge thanks to Michael for putting his trust in me as an artist and for taking the time to do a portrait together.

these were taken within a few minutes.  simple light setup.  shoot-through umbrella.  the rest is all work done in post.

now— go check out his show “Absolute Hell” at The Gift Theatre, Chicago

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