Court Theatre celebrates 60 years


From Court’s website:

“Originally conceived as a summer outdoor drama festival, Court Theatre developed under the leadership of Founding Artistic Director Nicholas Rudall into a professional theatre devoted to consistently excellent and thought-provoking productions of classic drama. As the theatre matured, so did its unique relationship to the University of Chicago. Nick Rudall not only bolstered this relationship, but also embodied it by serving as both Court’s artistic director and as a faculty member in the Classics Department. In 1981, Court and the University came together to accomplish the incredible feat of creating a permanent home for Court Theatre: the Abelson Auditorium. This beautiful, intimate space, which we still inhabit today, was made possible thanks to the leadership of Nick, University President Edward Levi, and Trustees Gaylord Donnelly, Marion Lloyd, and Hope Abelson.”

Read the rest of Court’s Blog Post here.

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