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Tommy Derrah, actor
Nambi E. Kelley, playwright
musician Tom Scanlon
Tommy Derrah, actorNambi E. Kelley, playwrightmusician Tom Scanlon

headshots and portraits

My shoots are raucous, productive– and fun.  All delivered images will be finished and retouched– which includes editing to removing stray hairs, lint on clothes, skin blemishes, entire backgrounds, cropping, sharpening, and color work. I do all of my own editing and retouching- which is included in the sitting fee.

Hair and makeup or other services are not included in the session fee and need to be arranged separately.

There are three different types of individual portrait/headshot sessions.  Most of the sessions are created at the brave lux studio located at 1803 W. Byron, Ravenswood.

Actor Headshot Session

In this session we’ll create simple and useful headshots that can be used for theatre, TV, and film.

The needs of each performer varies– and every agent sees headshots a little differently. If you have an agent, let’s talk before the session about what you and they are looking for so we’ll create images that help project your work into the world in the strongest and most beautiful way.

Session includes:

  • 1 light setup (natural sunlight look or openly lit)
  • studio only (brave lux, 1803 W Byron, Chicago)
  • 5 finished/retouched  images
  • these shots are generally neutral in tone, and narrow in style– always looking at camera to show your beautiful face clearly
  • for your agent, we’ll make sure to capture closed and open smiles and any other shots requested

Artist Portrait + Headshot Session

In this session, we’ll not only create useful headshots– but we’ll also create a dramatic portrait of you as an individual artist.  The light setups in this type of session are complex and use everything from strobes to hotlights and fresnels.

Session includes:

  • 10 finished/retouched images
  • studio only (brave lux, 1803 W Byron, Chicago)
  • these shots are dramatic, stylized, and unique.  they’re more editorial– and tell a story.  they show you in a much heightened reality.  images will range from loud moments of fun to quietly contemplative.  you won’t always be smiling or looking at the camera– or selling yourself as able to hit a large range of styles.  these are about you as a human– and we’ll have fun playing with what we find most compelling
  • brining one prop for this session is ok, within reason. a kazoo— or even a double fret guitar is great— but a double fretted clavichord, harp, pipe organ, or anything that needs to be packed into the freight elevator would be considered the work of an Extended Session…see below)
  • most of the photos on the brave lux website and facebook page are from this type of session

Extended Portrait Session

Extended Sessions are larger in scope and include more detailed planning and photography at one or more locations.  Photography can be a combination of formal portraiture, headshots– and more photo-journalistic candids.

For instance, if you’re an artist, we can capture you at work in your studio, performing or presenting your work, and create a compelling environmental portrait of you during the same session.

Or this session can be all about playing– costumes, characters, dancing, singing, throwing things, jumping through hoops, waterfalls, or rings of fire.

Session includes:

  • 20 finished photos for delivery
  • in studio, on location, or both– depends on what we decide to do
  • light setups will range from simple to complex
  • photo assistant, location, permit, production, and travel fees are dependent on the size of the project and are determined separately from the session fee (if you bring all of the camels, hire all the trainers, and get all the permits we need for a complex big-tent shot at the lake– it will reduce the total cost of the session by quite a lot!)

email for rates and availability:  joe@bravelux.com

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