puppets! for The Neo-Futurists new production of Pinocchio/Frankenstein

it’s been a while since I had a hand up a puppet (see photo to the right– a snap from my show The Hyperbolist at HERE Arts Center, NYC in 2010…so long ago it seems!), my fingers in the clay, butt at the sewing machine, or fist holding a paint brush– but a few weeks ago, I jumped back in.  (feel free to visit my long neglected, ancient, personal website)

Joe Mazza in The Hyperbolist, HERE Arts Center, NYC
Joe Mazza in The Hyperbolist, HERE Arts Center, NYC

Greg Allen, founder of The Neo-Futurists and writer/director of their new show The Strange and Terrible True Tale of Pinocchio (The Wooden Boy) as Told by Frankenstein’s Monster The Wretched Creature (say it in one breath– and say it fast, I dare!) asked me to design the puppets for the show’s Punch and Judy segment.

within a week, I delivered seven newly minted puppets.  we finally have our living room back– and our dogs no longer have to be frightened at the talking clay heads coming at them.

the cast is brilliant– and the show’s hysterical. and silly. and serious. can’t wait to see it. times ten.

Go to The Neo-Futurists’ page.

here are some photos I shot when I delivered the puppets to the cast.



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