Rivendell Theatre Ensemble’s Falling: A Wake opens March 11

a few photos from my shoot with the fantastic Rivendell Theatre Ensemble a few weeks ago for their next show, Falling: A Wake– which is its Midwest Premiere.  the show is directed by Rivendell founding member Victoria Toy DeIorio and stars two Rivendell ensemble members Jane Baxter Miller and Mark Ulrich.  it opens March 11 and runs through April 14.

here’s a blurb about the show from the Rivendell website:

Harold and Elsie live quietly on an isolated farm outside an unnamed town. When a commercial jetliner explodes high above their land scattering wreckage and debris across the region, their lives are forever changed. A haunting and at times surprisingly funny play inspired by the actual events surrounding the 1988 Pan Am tragedy over Lockerbie, Scotland. Featuring Rivendell ensemble members Mark Ulrich and Jane Baxter Miller

for an interview with playwright Gary Kirkham.

and the official Falling: A Wake web page.

about the shoot

we had about 30 minutes from setup to shoot to breakdown and speedy egress.  these guys had to get to rehearsal in the next room– and the rehearsal for Rivendell’s Fresh Produce: Women at War was on its way in.    I had to get two to five people well lit and in focus– and wanted to light them beautifully– and make it seem they were lit with theatrical lighting– so in the seats, about 15 to 20 feet away, I set up a flashpoint 32oM at full power reflected into the belly of a giant 86″ white parabolic umbrella angled at about 35 degrees down.  I only used the 24-70mm.

as always– these guys were awesome.  besides being super focused– they’re super fun.  communication about what we needed to get done was effortless– and we laughed more than we did anything else.  can’t wait to see the show.

equipment used: canon 7d, canon 24-70mm f 2.8 L, flashpoint 320m, impact heavy duty stand, paul c buff 86′ white PLM

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