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brave lux family portraits

a motley bunch -- brave lux family portraits

It’s spring (feels like summer!)– so that means it’s time for family portraits.  So we invite you to sign up for the brave lux family portrait group buy!

What’s a group buy?  A bunch of families get together to say– yes, I want some family portraits for less.  What’s a family? Any two or more of you– up to all five of you! This includes a couple, a nuclear family, a person and a pooch, flat mates– or whomever you consider your family!  So– sign up to the brave lux family portrait group buy– and save a huge amount on the sitting fee.

But– how does the brave lux family portrait group buy work?!  Very simply!

Sign up at the top of the brave lux facebook page between now and Sunday March 25, 2012 at the strike of 11:59pm– and schedule your shoot for any time during the month of April– and watch the sitting fee for a single session family portrait drop as other couples and families sign up.  And– unlike other group buys– there  is no all or nothing: if 3 families sign up– 3 families receive the discount on the group buy, etc.  But– the more families, the more fun– and the less the sit’n fee.  So share this post!

Here’s the working gears of the deal:

If one couple (two people or a puppy and person), or one family sign up– the sitting fee is $250.  This is $50 off of the Single Session.

If 2 families sign up to the group buy– then the sitting fee drops to $225 for everyone in the group.

And as more families sign up…

3 families– $200

4 families– $175

5 families– $150

10 families– $100

AND– in addition– if you “like” (or have already “liked”) brave lux on facebook– you’ll get a free 8×10 print.

AND– get a free 8×10 print every time you share this post (when you sign up to the group buy– up to five shares).

10 family limit. 

Think this is a good deal?  Stop sit’n and sign up!  And– go to the brave lux facebook page, look for the post at the top that begins with the words– SIGN UP HERE– and share it with as many as you can.

For what we can do together for some traditional– or unconventional– family photos, check out our family portraits page.

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