COVID | Social Distancing

Under the State of Illinois rules for re-opening, brave lux is open– and back to creating photographs inside our studio space. And– we have rigorous social distancing practices in place to make sure everyone stays happy, creative, and healthy during any of our sessions.  

As of November 2021– all of us at the studio have been fully vaccinated– and boostered.

We ask that everyone over 12 years old who will be present at the session be fully vaccinated.

Out of an abundance of caution, myself– and any assistants– will still be wearing a mask and maintaining a reasonable distance during our time together. 

If you need, the public bathroom in the building is available for changing and freshening.  (we don’t have a restroom in the studio)

Even up to a few minutes before the session– if anyone is feeling unwell, or has any of the known symptoms– Headache, Sore Throat, Aches, Dry Cough, Fever— or has tested positive within the past two weeks– please let us know before arriving.  We’ll happily reschedule for the next available date beyond 14 days with NO EXTRA FEES.  

All sessions are “no-contact” for the foreseeable future– with no handshakes, hugs, or help with adjusting clothes. While we usually help with carrying clothing items or bags– and while folks will often thoughtfully help us move a stand or light– we ask that everyone carries their own items.  So– please make sure that any of your personal effects, like clothes or hair brushes are contained for easy transport.  And– we’ll make sure that all stands and equipment are moved by brave lux staff only.  

Make sure to bring your own water or drinks to keep hydrated.

See you wickedly soon!